Our co-founder, Kriteesha, was struggling to find activewear in her size. Not having the right clothes for working out wasn’t just a regular “nothing to wear” situation.This bias in the clothing industry made her feel like she had to be a certain size to earn the luxury of a good workout experience. 

This also compelled her to help other women who were going through similar experiences.

Driven by the desire to make fitness more diverse, holistic and inclusive than losing weight, building abs or restrictive to a certain body size, she partnered with her friend, Danish, and decided to build a brand that made clothing and fitness accessible to all; Spirit Animal was brought to life.



"No relationship is more important than the one you have with yourself"

Women, particularly are grown with insecurities and to hate their bodies. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin.Taking care of your body and mind is a way of celebrating your life and the first step towards building a better relation with yourself.

We want to act as a catalyst in one’s wellness journey by making them feel comfortable and confident in our clothing, and creating a community which makes one feel seen, heard and understood.

Okay, folks, we've got something to get off our chests before the Spirit Squad kicks off, and we think you'll be on the same page with us.

Honestly, we're frustrated with the current state of wellness. What's the deal with the lack of plus-size representation in the wellness industry? There are so many of us, yet it seems like we're alway…missing. We're conspicuously absent from ads, magazines, and our own narrative of what it means to be fit, healthy, and strong. Real plus-size wellness is as rare in the media as a unicorn, and people often treat the term like it's some kind of paradox. We've had enough of wellness being marketed exclusively to a certain body type. It's disheartening, it's discriminatory, and, let's face it, it's downright toxic.

That's why we've launched the Spirit Squad program. We want you to reclaim your well-deserved space in the wellness industry and inspire someone to feel right at home in their body.

Yes, you heard it loud and clear, We’re taking the damn space!


Our Spirit Squad programme is all about community & spirit. It has been put together with care and consideration to allow fellow plus size babes an opportunity to silence some of the noise, connect and inspire each other.

Our squad of creators brings the spotlight to the epic in everyday moments that matter most – from showcasing your favourite pieces on your social to celebrating every little milestone and capturing the raw beauty of your wellness journey.

If you're ready to be part of a movement that's as real as it is inspiring, welcome aboard.

Join us in this exciting journey as a Spirit Squad and let's create, inspire, and redefine the narrative together, all while enjoying fantastic rewards. We honestly can’t wait to get started!